Did you know the second hardest job in the world after being a miner is to buy the perfect gift for women ?

1st week anniversary , 1st month anniversary , Annual Anniversary , Birthdays , Valentines Day , Mother Days , Women Days and this list goes on and on :)

I personally have always had this problem when one of these occasion arrived , sometimes I would spend days and days planing and at end of the day I could see the disappointment on her eyes . So I started searching researching for days and days until I finally Figured out the answer to the question of century " What really makes women Happy ?" and the best answer to that was  GOLD and I am sure most of the women will agree on this . Now you can hit the jackpot if you could make this gift even more special and by special I don't mean to spend more but instead making this jewelry personalized for them .

and this is how we started our business with the aim to help everyone to buy the perfect gift for their loved ones

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